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The first issue in 2020 of the journal TEXTILE. CLOTH & CULTURE is a special issue dedicated to ‘Missing Persons and Hidden Heritages in European Lace Making’.  We’ve put a list of contents below:

  • ‘Introduction: Missing Persons and Hidden Heritages in European Lace Making’ by Julie Botticello and Tom Fisher.
  • ‘Principles and Pilfering: Nottingham Lace Design Pedagogy’ by Rebecca Coles, Amanda Briggs-Goode and Gail Baxter.
  • Unravelling the Battle of Britain Lace Panel‘ by Carol Quarini.
  • ‘Hidden Hands and Missing Persons’ by Gail Baxter.
  • Working, Singing, and Telling in the 19th-Century Flemish Pillow-Lace Industry‘ by David Hopkin. (Anyone who’d like a pdf copy of this can contact David at )
  • Women and Children in the Machine-Made Lace Industry in Britain and France (1810–60)‘ by Fabrice Bensimon.
  • ‘Reflections on Bummock: The Lace Archive Symposium’ by Katherine Townsend.