“Lace Unravelled”, Nottingham, 15-16 March 2018

Next week there are celebrations, exhibitions and talks about lace in Nottingham. Mostly machine-made (obviously) but a few handmade lace related items have made it onto the programme.  For details and tickets see the Nottingham Castle website (though note the events themselves will be at Wollaton Hall and Newstead Abbey), or just search for “Lace Unravelled”.


Songs for Lace-Schools: The Compositions of Father Constant Duvillers (1803-1885)


‘I love to watch you making lace…’ Guido Gezelle’s ode to a lacemaker

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  1. Mary Carroll

    The Lacemakers of Nottingham emigrated to Gouverneur, NY, c. 1900, to establish a lace curtain industry. The Leavers looms were placed above bedrock in the factory. Later the looms were adapted to weave silk parachutes. Some distant relatives named Boulet, worked there after emigrating from French Canada.

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